Frequently Asked Questions

What is CT Signal Automated Forex Trading?

At CT we have the best Forex traders in the industry in terms of experience, and risk management.
These traders have shown their ability to make profit from long phase of time and their trade history records are verified by third party websites.

Do I need a trading account to use CT Signal?

Yes you will require a trading account with a Forex broker in order to use CT Signal automated forex trading tool.

Do you offer a trial?

No we do not offer any free trial or demo account at the moment.

Does CT Signal support MT4 Trading platform?

Yes, our tool is compatible with the most popular Forex trading platform MT4. You can easily copy trade signal from our professional traders to your MT4 platform.

I don't want to invest the money in my account. Is there a way I can put a control on this?

Yes, you can manage this setting and control the amount you want to invest.

What is CT Signal Automated Forex Trading?

CT Signal provides automatic trading facility for Forex Traders.