Why pay regular monthly subscriptions to line up with currency value when we are here to assist you wise!!
PAMM Account empowers you to trade the currency without stocking your capital with traders and you pay only when you earn profit.

Here is how it works:

  • You register for a PAMM Account (a special MAM Account)
  • If you make profit – your account will be charged 20% of the profit made that month. All closed positions from the last month are counted and if there is a profit then your account will be charged 20% from that amount (using high-watermark method).
  • If you don’t make profit for the month – you will not pay anything at all!!
  • Here, let’s talk about a period of 3 months:

    First Month: Say you have 4000 USD in your account and the profit that occurred was 20% which makes it to 800 USD. 20% of this profit is what you have to pay i.e. 20% of 800 USD which would be 160 USD only and you keep the rest in your MT4 Account. Usually you pay around 250 USD for trading signals and hence you will be left with 550 USD (=800-250) but here with PAMM you earn 640 USD!!

    Second Month: Let’s say you don’t make any profit and you are at a loss of 200 USD, hence NO CHARGE!
    Third Month: Now this month, I make a profit of 300 USD for you so the 20% will be charged from 100 USD and NOT from 300 USD. (This means that those $200 that were earned back for you are not included to calculate profit for me.)

    CT Signal promotes PAMM account for trading enthusiasts so that they don’t have to lock their money with Forex Broker. In scenarios where you give your money to Forex Traders, the money resides in their bank account and is being used up when the rates hit the chart. However, if you use a PAMM Account, I will have no direct access to your money and hence I cannot withdraw your amount which proves this option secure for trading.

    The biggest and the not to forget the most important difference between PAMM and regular Forex Trading is that you are not locking your money every month for Trading Signals as in PAMM the trading signals are delivered through your PAMM Account.

    More about your PAMM:

  • 20% performance fee calculated from the available account equity on the last day of the month.
  • High-Watermark Method.
  • Brokers from my list only.
  • Do not need to run MT4 platform.
  • Minimum investing amount is $1,000 or 2,000 EUR (depends on the broker you choose).
  • No maximum deposit and no monthly subscription either
  • You cannot adjust risk.
  • All clients are welcome. U.S. clients are welcome with Tallinex only.
  • Only Real accounts.
  • You can fund and withdraw money at any time.
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